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NA-About-photoHI! I’m Nita Apple. Let’s make your small business BIG, shall we?

You have more passion and ideas than there are hours in a day or days in a year. And when you were first starting out, that was all the fuel you needed. You didn’t mind working through the weekend or long into the night. That’s all part of being a solo-entrepreneur, right? All the hats you get to wear. All the tasks you get delegate…. to, hmm, yourself. Maybe it’s time for a little help?

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sidebartara-NA-FM“For the past four years, Nita has headed up my customer service, and her work has been just amazing. I can honestly say she has resolved every customer challenge/problem/unhappiness quickly and completely, In four years. Pretty remarkable.”

Tara Mohr, Women’s Leadership Expert and author of Playing Big